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N818 Graduated Woven Strand Bali Necklace

N818 Graduated Woven Strand Bali Necklace

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.925 Sterling Silver Graduated Wheat Chain Necklace. This Elegant Chain Has an Oval Profile. In Other Words, if the Chain Were Cut the Profile Would be Oval. This Shape Lets the Chain Lay in a Graceful Way. Adjustable Between 17-18 Inches. 19mm Swivel Lobster Clasp. Fair Trade, Artisan Crafted in Bali.

Indiri "Wheat" chain (N100 or B100 item numbers for example) is inspired by the rice paddies of Bali because the strands are braided together in a way that resembles the grain of a rice plant. Westerners know this style as "wheat" chains so we use that name also. Matches B818 8", B818 8.5".

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